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 Award winners will be announced at the 2016 Alberta Magazine Awards Gala on March 3. 


The 2016 Alberta Magazine Awards Gala is sponsored by:



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2016 Showcase Awards

Alberta Story

adifferentkindofsimikanis72 1

Entry: A Different Kind of Simakanis
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributor(s): Carissa Halton

 AnAudienceWithTheDuchess72 1

Entry: An Audience with the Duchess
Magazine: Western Living
Contributor(s): Jennifer Cockrall-King, Carey Shaw

Downton Empire72 1

Entry: Downton Empire
Magazine: Tech Life
Contributor(s): Scott Messenger

End of the Line72 1

Entry: End of the Line
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributor(s): Tadzio Richards

On the Brink72 1

Entry: On the Brink
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributor(s): Jeff Gailus

Pipe Dream72 1

Entry: Pipe Dream
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributor(s): Graham Thomson

TemporarySolutionPermanentProblem72 1

Entry: Temporary Solution, Permanent Problem
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributor(s): Lyndsie Bourgon

TheCulinaryCastle72 1

Entry: The Culinary Castle
Magazine: Western Living
Contributor(s): Jacqueline Papin, Grant Harder

WorldsBiggestRam72 1

Entry: World's Biggest Ram
Magazine: Swerve
Contributor(s): Jennifer Allford

Art Direction for A Single Issue


Entry: March 2015
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Venessa Brewer, senior art director; Mason Hastie, art director


Entry: Autumn/Winter 2015
Magazine: Cornerstone
Contributor(s): Marcey Andrews, art director; John Ulan, senior photographer


Entry: Winter 2015
Magazine: New Trail
Contributor(s): Marcey Andrews, art director


Entry: September 2015
Magazine: Western Living 
Contributor(s): Paul Roelofs, art director, Naomi MacDougall, associate art director, Jenny Reed, assistant art director


Entry: October 2015
Magazine: Western Living
Contributor(s): Paul Roelofs art director; Naomi MacDougall, associate art director; Jenny Reed, assistant art director



Entry: Winter 2015
Magazine: New Trail
Contributor(s): Marcey Andrews, art director; Gwen Keraval, Illustration


Entry: January 9, 2015
Magazine: Swerve
Contributor(s): Kyle Metcalf, illustrator; Brent Morrison, Art Director; Tom Babin, editor


Entry: February 2015
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributor(s): Kim Larson, art director; Ryan Girard, associate art director; Dushan Milic, illustrator, Max Fawcett, editor


Entry: March 2015
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Venessa Brewer, senior art director


Entry: May 2015
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributor(s): Pete Nguyen, art director; Adam Goudreau, photographer


Entry: Spring/Summer 2015
Magazine: UCalgary Magazine
Contributor(s): Jean-Paul Berube, art director; Sergio Gaytan, illustrator; Deb Cummings, publications editor


Entry: June 2015
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributor(s): Kim Larson, art director; Hudson Christie, illustrator; Michael Ganley, editor


Entry: Autumn 2015
Magazine: New Trail
Contributor(s): Marcey Andrews, Art Director; Katy Dockrill, Illustrator


Entry: November 13, 2015
Magazine: Swerve
Contributor(s): Kyle Metcalf, illustrator; Brent Morrison, art director; Bruce Weir, editor

Digital Presence: Special Feature


Entry: Best Neighbourhoods
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Jaelyn Molyneux, executive editor, digital content


Entry: Patio Finder
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Jaelyn Molyneux, executive editor, digital content


Entry: Rising Stars
Magazine: Oilweek
Contributor(s): Dale Lunan, editor; Christina Borowiecki, designer; Cath  Ozubko, art director


Entry: The Venture 250
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Alberta Venture team

Digital Presence: Website


Magazine: Summit
Contributors: Michal Waissmann, art director; Theresa Tayler, editor; Doug Helmer, information design 


Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Western Living editorial team


Magazine: WestJet Magazine
Contributors: Sara Samson, senior assistant editor

Editorial Package


Entry: 12th Annual Best Restaurants
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Editor; Writers: Karen Anderson, Rosemary Bacovsky, Dan Clapson, John Gilchrist, Gabriel Hall, Jennifer Hamilton, Gwendolyn Richards, Vincci Tsui


Entry: Designers of the Year
Magazine: Western Living
Contributor(s): Anicka Quin, editor-in-chief; Stacey McLachlan, associate editor; Neal McLennan, food and travel editor; Julia Dilworth, staff writer; Charles Venzon, Carlo Ricci, Martin Tessler, photographers; Jim Sutherland, Ashley Macey, Patrick Easton , Lucy Lau, Chelsea Pratt, writers

TuttoInFamiglia72 1 

Entry: Dining; Best of Italian (Featured in the November 2015 issue)
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Jennifer Hamilton, Executive Editor; Writers: Shelley Arnusch, Dan Clapson, Jennifer Hamilton, Julie Van Rosendaal


Entry: Foodies of the Year
Magazine: Western Living
Contributor(s): Neal McLennan, food and travel editor; Stacey McLachlan, associate editor; Andrew Querner, Ian Azariah, Carey Shaw, Chris Pouget, photographers; Kurtis Kolt, Jennifer Cockrall-King, writers

 November issueABViews72

Entry: November 2015
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributor(s): Evan Osenton writer and editor; Jackie Flanagan, Fred Stenson, editors; Jane Harris  and Keith Gerein, writers


Entry: So You Want to Be a Calgarian
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributor(s): Käthe Lemon, Editor-in-Chief; Writers: Shelley Arnusch, Max Fawcett, Andrew Guilbert, Jennifer Hamilton, Käthe Lemon, Ricky Zayshley


Entry: The Future of Everything
Magazine: New Trail
Contributor(s): Lisa Cook, editor-in-chief; Marcey Andrews, art director; Karen Sherlock, managing editor


Entry: The Motion Issue
Magazine: Wider Horizons
Contributor(s): Carmen Toth, editor-in-chief; Lisa Kozleski, editor


Entry: The Venture 250
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Alberta Venture team


Entry: Thought for Food
Magazine: U Calgary Magazine
Contributor(s): Deb Cummings, publications editor; Jean-Paul Berube, art director; Sergio Gaytan, illustrator; Val Berenyi, John Gilchrist, Mike Fisher, freelance writers; Nicole Fung, Robert Leclerc, Melanie Baron, Danny Turner, Whitney Campeau, Brian Misko, Landon Brown, contributors; Sarah Wilson, alumni regional programs specialist

Emerging Writer

Dystopoetics72 1

Writer: Braydon Beaulieu
Submission: Dystopoetics: The Broken Dream of Conceptualism
Magazine: Freefall

InsideTheArts72 1

Writer: Andrew Guilbert
Submission: Inside the Arts
Magazine: Avenue Calgary

nextcampusselection72 1

Writer: Mack Lamoureux
Submission: The Next Campus
Magazine: The Yards

FromStudenttoStar72 2

Writer: Adrianna Szenthe
Submission: From Student to Star
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton

Thehumantouch72 1

Writer: Allison Voisin
Submission: The Human Touch
Magazine: The Yards


A Matter of Acceptance72 1

Entry: A Matter of Acceptance
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Suzette Mayr and Tonya Callaghan

breathingholes72 1

Entry: Breathing Holes
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Lisa Gregoire

ClearEyedHeartAflutter72 1

Entry: Clear-Eyed, Heart Aflutter
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Heather Setka

ComingUpWithAnEnding72 1

Entry: Coming Up With an Ending
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Tamara Gignac

inadarktheatre72 1

Entry: In a Dark Theatre
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Scot Morison


Entry: Networking for Introverts and Misanthropes
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Marzena Czarnecka

RentersManifesto72 1

Entry: A Renters' Manifesto
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Max Fawcett

The Unheard Patient72 1

Entry: The Unheard Patient
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Jane Harris

WhenAManDeservesAWoman72 1

Entry: When a Man Deserves a Woman
Magazine: Glass Buffalo
Contributors: Charlotte Cranston

Feature Design

12AnnualBestRestaurantAwards72 1

Entry: 12th Annual Best Restaurant Awards
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Venessa Brewer, senior art director

25BestThingsToEat72 1

Entry: 25 Best Things to Eat
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Venessa Brewer, senior art director; Mason Hastie, art director

ADesignLoversGuidetoNYC72 1

Entry: A Design Lover's Guide to NYC
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Naomi MacDougall, associate art director; Evaan Kheraj, photographer

RallytheTroupes72 1

Entry: Rally the Troupes
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Kim Larson, art director; Jennifer Madole, associate art director; Aaron Pedersen, photographer

TemporarySolutionPermanentProblem72 1

Entry: Temporary Solution, Permanent Problem
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Kim Larson, art director; Bryce Meyer, photographer

TheCityAccordingtoCarol72 1

Entry: The City According to Carol
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Pete Nguyen; art director; Adam Goudreau and Dwayne Martineau, photographers

TheFutureofEverything72 1

Entry: The Future of Everything
Magazine: New Trail
Contributors: Marcey Andrews, art director

WaroftheWorlds72 1

Entry: War of the Worlds
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Kim Larson, art director

Feature Writing: Long

Close Contact72 1

Entry: Close Contact
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Omar Mouallem

EmpireOfDeceit72 1

Entry: Empire of Deceit
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Max Fawcett

FollowingTheFire72 1

Entry: Following the Fire
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Elizabeth Hames

GivenTheHistory72 1

Entry: Given the History
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Tim Querengesser


Entry: LQBTQ Life in YYC
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Elizabeth Chorney-Booth

PointsUnknown72 1

Entry: Points Unknown
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Tyee Bridge

SantaSchooled72 1

Entry: Santa Schooled
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Cory Haller

SuchGreatHeights72 1

Entry: Such Great Heights
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Curtis Gillespie

TheGiftedTag72 1

Entry: The Gifted Tag
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Marcello Di Cintio

Whatthepostwomanknows72 1

Entry: What the Postwoman Knows
Magazine: The Yards
Contributors: Omar Mouallem

Feature Writing: Short

CapitalofCulture72 1

Entry: Capital of Culture
Magazine: WestJet Magazine
Contributors: John Lee

FearFactor72 1

Entry: Fear Factor
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Max Fawcett

Get the Givers Glow72 1

Entry: Get the Giver's Glow
Magazine: Apple
Contributors: Valerie Berenyi, writer; Terry Bullick, editor; Amy Sawchenko associate editor

GoingBananasWithAnna72 1

Entry: Going Bananas with Anna
Magazine: Galleries West
Contributors: Portia Priegert

hollowtemples72 1

Entry: Hollow Temples
Magazine: The Yards
Contributors: Myrna Kostash


Entry: Love Lockdown
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Craille Maguire Gillies

Tale of Two Cities

Entry: A Tale of Two Cities
Magazine: The Yards
Contributors: Rhonda Kronyk

TheGroundCampaign72 1

Entry: The Ground Campaign
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Todd Coyne

TheScenicRoute72 1

Entry: The Scenic Route
Magazine: Western Living 
Contributors: Stacey McLachlan

WhereAretheWomenChefs72 1

Entry: Where are the Women Chefs? 
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Omar Mouallem 


10Songs72 1

Entry: 10 Songs
Magazine: Marker
Contributors: Caleb Caswell

Breathe In72 1

Entry: Breathe In
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Bruce Cinnamon

CanadasBreakupGuide72 1

Entry: Canada's Breakup Guide
Magazine: Freefall
Contributors: Dorothy Reno


Entry: Dancing Out of Nowhere
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Todd Babiak

Gingersnaps72 1

Entry: Gingersnaps
Magazine: Glass Buffalo
Contributors: Katherine Abbass

oncrowsnestmountain72 1

Entry: On Crowsnest Mountain
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Laura Trunkey

Spirit in Stone72 1

Entry: Spirit-in-Stone
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Lorie White

thelionandtheunicorn72 1

Entry: The Lion and the Unicorn
Magazine: fillingStation
Contributors: Scott Randall



Entry: An Anatomy Course Circa 2115
Magazine: New Trail
Contributors: Raymond Biesinger

breathingholes72 1

Entry: Breathing Holes
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Robert Carter

ItsOnLikeDonkeyKong72 1

Entry: It's On Like Donkey Kong
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Josh Holinaty, illustrator; Pete Nguyen, art director

TheRediscoveredCountry72 1

Entry: The Rediscovered Country
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Graham Roumieu, illustrator

TheUpsideofDown72 1

Entry: The Upside of Down
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Robert Carter; Kim Larson, art director


Entry: Thought for Food
Magazine: UCalgary Magazine
Contributors: Sergio Gaytan; Jean-Paul Berube , art director; Deb Cummings, publications editor

YouAreHereMardaLoop72 3

Entry: You Are Here
Magazine: Swerve
Contributor: Jacqui Lee


FlushedwithSuccess72 1

Entry: Flushed with Success
Magazine: Tech Life
Contributors: Rory Lee


Entry: Risky Business
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Jack Dylan, illustrator; Kim Larson, art director; Ryan Girard, associate art director; Ben Rude, assistant art director

SurvivalGuideToHockey72 1

Entry: A Survival Guide to Hockey in Calgary
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Darren Francey; Brent Morrison, art director

TuttoInFamiglia72 2

Entry: Tutto In Famiglia
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Shelley Arnusch; Julya Hajnoczky, photographer;  Venessa Brewer, senior art director

Photograph: Essay or Series

adifferentkindofsimikanis72 1

Entry: A Different Kind of Simikanis
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Jessica Fern Facette

AMillionToBuyAndAMillionToFix72 1

Entry: A Million to Buy and a Million to Fix
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Bryce Meyer, photographer

DesignLab72 1

Entry: Design Lab
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Martin Tessler

OKStateofMind72 1

Entry: OK State of Mind
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Evaan Kheraj

RanchLikeARoss72 1

Entry: Ranch Like a Ross
Magazine: Conservation
Contributors: Roth & Ramberg Photography

TemporarySolutionPermanentProblem72 1

Entry: Temporary Solution, Permanent Problem
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Bryce Meyer, photographer

TheComeback72 1

Entry: The Comeback
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Martin Tessler; Nicole Sjostedt


Entry: The Family that Gives Together
Magazine: Cornerstone
Contributors: John Ulan, senior photographer

TheNewLuxe72 1

Entry: The New Luxe
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Clinton Hussey; Nicole Sjostedt

YourOneStopCookieShop72 1

Entry: Your One Stop Cookie Shop
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Kevin Clark; Jennifer Stamper

Photograph: Landscape, Still Life and Architecture


Entry: Alberta: Strong and Free
Magazine: Wider Horizons
Contributors: Gregory Thiessen, photographer


Entry: Mexico's Culinary Delights
Magazine: WestJet Magazine
Contributors: Brent Mykytyshyn, photographer; Teresa Johnston, art director 

 RossPano72 2

Entry: Farm Like a Ross
Magazine: Conservation
Contributors: Roth & Ramberg Photographers


Entry: Summer Living
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Julia Hajnoczky, photographer; Venessa Brewer, senior art director

 WhereWinterFindsYouSwell72 1

Entry: Where Winter Finds You Swell
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Cooper and O'Hara, photographers

Photograph: People and Portraiture


Entry: Coming Up with an Ending
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Leah Hennel


Entry: Designers of the Year
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Carlo Ricci

 GalaxyQuest72 2

Entry: Galaxy Quest
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Curtis Trent, photographer


Entry: Mike Garth
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Jared Sych; Venessa Brewer, senior art director


Entry: Pat Kiernan
Magazine: New Trail
Contributors: John Ulan, senior photographer


Entry: Premier Rachel Notley Up Close
Magazine: Avenue Edmton
Contributors: Daniel Wood


Entry: Rich Kruger
Magazine: Oilsands Review
Contributors: Tieran Green, photographer


Entry: Swimming Lessons
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Brent Mykytyshyn

 thegospelofteryparanych72 1

Entry: The Gospel of Terry Paranych
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Curtis Comeau, photographer

 TheWomenofShakespeare72 1

Entry: The Women of Shakespeare
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Cory Johnn, photographer


 3 Poems by AaronGiovannone 72 1

Entry: 3 Poems by Aaron Giovannone
Magazine: fillingStation
Contributors: Aaron Giovannone

 BinaryOccupier72 1

Entry: Binary Occupier 
Magazine: Prairie Journal
Contributors: Weyman Chan


Entry: Confessional Poem
Magazine: Freefall
Contributors: Richard Harrison


Entry: food habits of coyotes as determined by examination of stomach contents
Magazine: Glass Buffalo
Contributors: Benjamin Hertwig


Entry: Reverance
Magazine: Freefall
Contributors: Jill Boetger


Entry: Two Short Tales from a History of Telecommunications
Magazine: Eighteen Bridges
Contributors: Christine Wiesenthal


 KnowingMichaelGreen72 1

Entry: Knowing Michael Green
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Marcello Di Cintio

 ManOfTheMoon72 1

Entry: Man of the Moon
Magazine: WestJet Magazine
Contributors: Mark Stevens

 MichelleThrush72 1

Entry: Michelle Thrush
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Michelle Magnan

 ModernFamily72 1

Entry: Modern Family
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Caroline Barlott

 OverdueOrOverdone72 1

Entry: Overdue or Overdone?
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Jeremy Klaszus

PremierInterrupted72 1

Entry: Premier Interrupted
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Glenn Cook

 Rollin Stanley72 1

Entry: Rollin Stanley
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Jeremy Klaszus

TheGospelofterry paranych72 1 

Entry: The Gospel of Terry Paranych
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Omar Mouallem

 TheManBehindTheCamera72 1

Entry: The Man Behind the Camera
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Omar Mouallem

 Whats Left72 1

Entry: What's Left
Magazine: Alberta Views
Contributors: Curtis Gillespie

Service: Business

 AccessingHealthCare72 1

Entry: Accessing Health Care
Magazine: Avenue Calgary
Contributors: Christina Frangou


Entry: Frac Talk
Magazine: Oilweek
Contributors: R.P. Stastny


Entry: Immediate Action Required
Magazine: Oilsands Review
Contributors: Deborah Jaremko

 Serve and return72 1

Entry: Serve and Return
Magazine: Apple
Contributors: Terry Bullick

 TheUpsideofDown72 1

Entry: The Upside of Down
Magazine: Alberta Oil
Contributors: Todd Coyne

Service: Lifestyle

 ConsidertheWeeds72 1

Entry: Consider the Weeds
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Caroline Barlott

 SmallisBig72 1

Entry: Small is Big
Magazine: WestJet Magazine
Contributors: Diane Bolt, Jill Foran, Alyssa Quirico, Sara Samson and Kat Tancock

 street treat72 1

Entry: Street Treat
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Omar Mouallem

TheBestOfYou72 2 

Entry: The Best of You
Magazine: Alberta Venture
Contributors: Elizabeth Hames, Jennifer Madole, Robbie Jeffrey

 TheSweetestThing72 1

Entry: The Sweetest Thing
Magazine: Western Living
Contributors: Julie Van Rosendaal, Stacey McLachlan, Neal McLennan

 TuckIn72 1

Entry: Tuck In
Magazine: UCalgary Magazine
Contributors: Deb Cummings, publications editor; Jean-Paul Berube, art director; Sarah Wilson, alumni regional programs specialist

 WakeUpAndSmellTheCeviche72 1

Entry: Wake Up and Smell the Ceviche
Magazine: Swerve
Contributors: Tyee Bridge

 WasteNotWantRot72 1

Entry: Waste Not, Want Rot
Magazine: Greenhouse
Contributors: Jennifer Cockrall-King

 WhatsTrending72 1

Entry: What's Trending
Magazine: Avenue Edmonton
Contributors: Jyllian Park

Showcase Judges' Bios

Isabel Abdai spent five years as senior associate art director for Martha Stewart Living after graduating from ACAD. She is currently the design director at Woman’s Day. 

Trevor J. Adams is senior editor with Metro Guide Publishing. He leads the editorial team for several publications, including East Coast Living and Halifax Magazine. In 2014, he was short-listed for the Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence from the Editors' Association of Canada. 

derek beaulieu is the author or editor of 16 books and the publisher of the acclaimed no press and is the visual poetry editor at UBUWeb. beaulieu has exhibited his work across Canada, the United States and Europe and is an award-winning instructor at the Alberta College of Art + Design. He is the 2014-2016 Poet Laureate of Calgary.

Peter Bishop is the president of Digital Alberta. His passion for innovative solutions has won him countless awards both locally and internationally as well as cemented relationships with brands such as British Telecom, Alberta Health Services, Government of Alberta, Time Life Warner and The BBC. 

Matthew Blackett is the publisher, creative director and one of the founders of Spacing magazine. Blackett was named Editor of the Year for 2007 by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors and Spacing was named Canadian Small Magazine of the Year five times and Best Canadian Magazine Web Site. Under Blackett's artistic direction, the magazine has also been awarded international design awards for its layout and photography.

Linda Cameron is a publisher and author. She is well-known as an advocate for publishing and in 2015 received the Association of Canadian Publishers President’s Award “In recognition of ongoing exemplary work on behalf of Canadian publishers, and superlative service to Canadian book publishing industry organizations."

Chelsea Cardinal is a freelance designer and illustrator of book covers, branding and editorial and the former art director of GQ magazine. Her work has been recognized by the Society of Publication Designers, the Type Directors Club, Communication Arts magazine and Graphis.

Michèle Champagne is a designer and writer in Toronto. She works in cross-media publishing and with open source dynamics—from crowdsourcing for magazines, to social networks built with open code.

 Her redesign of Hazlitt magazine for Penguin Random House Canada won a National Magazine Award for Best Magazine Website of the Year.

Phillip Chin is a Canadian editorial and corporate photographer who specializes in photographing people. His passion is shooting wetplate collodion photographs with his 100-year-old 8x10 wooden view camera.

Alice Cho’s art direction and design experience spans magazines, user experience, apparel and branding. Previously an art director for Seed, Print and Wired, Alice now works as a freelance art director in San Francisco.

Ian Cockfield is EVENT magazine’s Managing Editor and runs its Reading Service for Writers. He has an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC, and has been a freelance editor since 2003.

Morgan Curley is a designer based out of Calgary. A graduate of the Alberta College of Art + Design she now works on a variety of branding, digital and editorial projects. She has been awarded by Communication Arts, Applied Arts, the GDC, Graphex, How Magazine, Graphis, and The Mohawk Show.

Gary Davies is the former president of Canada Wide Media Ltd. with nearly 20 years experience in the magazine publishing industry, and the former Executive Vice-President of RedPoint Media Group Inc. He is now the Founder and Publisher of Press+Post Inc. and a strategic advisor for both e=mc2 events Ltd. and Kelly Brothers Productions Ltd.

Joan Dixon is an author and editor of nonfiction books. She has researched, written or edited for many national and local magazines, including Canadian Geographic, Chatelaine, and Kayak.

Mark Dutton is partner in Edmonton’s award-winning Halkier + Dutton Design where he has led the development and ongoing design of several national and regional magazines. 

Doug Firby is a long-time writer, editor and lover of language well used. He is director of communications at the Canada West Foundation and Editor-in-Chief of the Troy Media national editorial service.

Kathleen Freimond is a publishing and communications consultant and the former VP of custom publishing at Canada Wide Media Ltd. in Vancouver. She now works with publishers, associations and Crown corporations to develop communications that integrate with strategic priorities.

Anne Georg is a writer and photographer based in Calgary. She is an avid fan of good writing and a good story.

Curtis Gillespie is an author and winner of seven National Magazine awards.  In 2010, he co-founded the narrative journalism magazine Eighteen Bridges.  (Emerging Writer category adjudicator)

Charlotte Gray is the author of nine non-fiction bestselling books. She also writes regularly for magazines, including Canada's History, Walrus, Quill & Quire, Cottage Life and Literary Review of Canada.

Joy Gugeler has taught editing and publishing at Ryerson, SFU, and VIU since 1996, has relaunched and managed 3 online magazines, and been on the editorial boards of ARC, Quarry, and Room literary journals.

Dave Harrison has worked in publishing for nearly 40 years. He is currently a magazine editor with Annex Business Media, and is a Kenneth R. Wilson Award judge.

Day Helesic is the managing editor of Canadian Living magazine.

Jude Isabella is editor-in-chief of Hakai Magazine, an online publication focused on science and society in coastal ecosystems. She has been a journalist for over 25 years, having spent 15 of those years as a magazine editor. 

Stephanie Jager and Britta Kokemor graduated from The Alberta College of Art & Design with a bachelor of design, majoring in photography. In 2011, they established Jager and Kokemor Photography, and are based in Calgary. 

Mitch Kern is an associate professor of Photography at the Alberta College of Art + Design whose career spans commercial, editorial and contemporary art practice. He has received numerous grants and awards and been featured in over a dozen solo shows and 75+ international and national exhibitions in Canada, the U.S. and abroad. 

Jeremy Klaszus is a Calgary freelance journalist. A generalist who writes on everything from urban design to baseball, Jeremy has won two National Magazine Awards and two Alberta Magazine Awards. He has contributed to the Globe and Mail, Swerve, The Walrus, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest and National Geographic Traveler. (Emerging Writer category)

Robert Lemermeyer is a visual raconteur who has shared his fascination with people, places and spaces through photography for 20 years. His work has been published in some of Canada’s best magazines.

Wayne Macphail has been creating content online since the ‘80s. He was the founder of Southam InfoLab and the creator of the Rabble Podcast Network for He's also been a magazine and newspaper editor and has taught online journalism at a variety of colleges and universities.

Domenic Macri has designed and art directed for Toronto Life FASHION magazine, Flare, What's Cooking, and GUSTO!, and is best known as art director for The Globe and Mail's much-lauded Report on Business (ROB) magazine. Over the past decade, Domenic has led ROB through several redesigns and earned recognition from the Art Directors Club of Canada and the National Magazine Awards

Neal McLennan is the Food & Travel editor at Western Living Magazine and the spirits columnist at Vancouver Magazine. He's also a frequent contributor to such outlets as Travel + Leisure, EnRoute, Cooking Light, the Globe & Mail and Seattle Magazine writing on topics ranging from first growth Bordeaux to the glass ceilings at corporate law firms. (Emerging writer category)

John Montgomery is the art director for Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines, as well as the contributing designer for Taddle Creek magazine. He previously worked at Toronto Life magazine. He's been nominated for several National Magazine awards—including Tablet Magazine of the Year—and won a Canadian Cover award in 2012.

Robert Newman is the creative director of This Old House magazine. He has previously been the creative director of Real Simple and Reader's Digest, and the design director of Entertainment Weekly, Fortune, Details, New York, and Vibe.

Ronit Novak is the Director of Photography and Video Production at Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines. Her award-winning commissions include C-suite portraiture, documentary photo essay, conceptual, product, and lifestyle, throughout the globe. Ronit teaches history of photography, serves on multiple jury panels, as well as lectures and writes published articles about historical and contemporary photography. 

Janice Paskey is associate professor of journalism at Mount Royal University. She served as Canadian Correspondent for the Chronicle of Higher Education, web producer for CTV Calgary, as a magazine editor at Calgary's Avenue magazine and as manager of communications for Development and Alumni at McGill.

Christopher Patton is the author of three books, among them Ox, whose first section won the Paris Review's long poem prize, and Curious Masonry: Three Translations from the Anglo-Saxon. His poems have recently appeared in New American Writing, Colorado Review, CV2, and Canadian Literature. He teaches at Western Washington University.

Mary Pinkoski, 5th Poet Laureate of the City of Edmonton (2013-2015), is an internationally recognized spoken word artist. She has performed on stages across North America and at the Winter Lights Festival in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is 2011 Canadian National Spoken Word Champion and a winner of the 2008 CBC National Poetry Faceoff.

Kim Pittaway is a magazine consultant and educator and former editor-in-chief of Chatelaine magazine. She is a past president of the National Magazine Awards Foundation and a past chair of the NMAF Judging Committee. She has judged in many NMAF categories, as well as for the International Regional Magazine Association awards program, and is an eight-time finalist for the NMAFs.

Thomas Porostocky is the principal at TOM, a creative agency with a focus on data visualization and branding. Previously the art director of I.D. and Seed, his current clients include Wired, Google and National Geographic.

Christina Reynolds is ELLE Canada’s executive editor. She’s worked as a journalist for more than 15 years covering everything from business to travel. She’s been the editor-in-chief of city magazine CalgaryInc, a journalist and copy editor with the Calgary Herald, and a television producer with CTV and BNN. 

Jessica Ross is multiplatform content director at TVA Group, responsible for driving the success of interactive magazines, special issues and books. Jess has worked in a variety of editorial roles, including as executive editor and acting editor-in-chief of Homemakers magazine; managing editor at Canadian Home Workshop and associate editor web editor of IE:Money magazine.

Greg Robins is a lifetime media professional. Within weeks of graduating from Sheridan College, Greg starting working in magazines is many capacities, including editorial, production and sales. He currently is VP of Salon Communications, which has won over 15 National Magazine awards under his guidance.

Alyssa Schwartz is an award-winning writer and digital consultant who helps clients connect with audiences and achieve business goals. Alyssa is also the founder of Articycle, a soon-to-launch self-serve digital platform for relicensing top-tier content. 

Graham F. Scott is managing editor, Digital at Canadian Business magazine, and teaches "The Online Publishing Toolkit" at Ryerson University’s Chang School for Continuing Education.

Michael Sinanan is an art director with 20 years experience. He specializes in branding, print design and logomarks. Clients projects have ranged from layout to packaging to site design.

David Swick is associate director of journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax. His journalism includes CBC Radio Ideas programs, one nonfiction book, and dozens of magazine articles. Previous judging includes CBC’s Canada Reads, the Atlantic Journalism Awards, and the National Magazine Awards.

Kat Tancock is contributing editor at Food & Drink magazine, co-founder of custom content agency Tavanberg and a freelance writer for publications including the Globe and Mail and Westjet Magazine. Previously an instructor of web editorial at Ryerson University and a web editor at Canadian Living, Best Health and Reader’s Digest, she has consulted with numerous Canadian magazines on their digital strategies.

Bram Timmer is an award-winning creative Director and designer with over 15 years in the digital and integrated brand experience space. He is the Founding Director of CAMP, an annual Creative Technology, Art and Design festival and is also vice president, South of Digital Alberta.

Conan Tobias is the editor-in-chief and publisher of the literary magazine Taddle Creek and the senior editor of Quill & Quire. He has judged the National Magazine Awards and the Doug Wright Awards.

Lis van Berkel is a writer living in Nova Scotia and a regular contributor to CBC Radio, The Coast, FUSE magazine, Zoomer and Progress.

Chandra Vermeulen is is a Calgary-based graphic designer and sessional instructor at ACAD. Chandra's work has been recognized by Communication Arts, Coupe Magazine and The Mohawk Show.

Lisa Whittington-Hill is publisher of This Magazine, Canada's leading progressive magazine of politics, arts and culture. She also works as a circulation and marketing consultant for small magazines and consults in the area of fundraising as part of Magazines Canada’s Travelling Consultants program. She serves on the board of Magazines Canada and is Cchair of its Professional Development committee. She also serves on the board of the National Magazine Awards.

Cait Wills is the head of communications at the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University Of Alberta in Edmonton where she has served as a writer and editor in various roles and, prior to that, served as assistant editor for Alberta Venture magazine.

Harry Wilson is the senior editor at Canadian Geographic and Canadian Geographic Travel magazines. A former Calgary Herald journalist, he's also worked in the United Kingdom as a magazine and travel guidebook editor.

Daniel Wood has photographed numerous influential business and political figures, high-profile athletes and innovators. His work has been published in many North American magazines including Sportsnet, Forbes, and Report on Business, and has been recognized by the Advertising Club of Edmonton's ACE Awards.

Peter Worden has written for Alberta Views, Alberta Venture, Calgary Herald, Globe and Mail and National Post. He reported for TV and radio with the CBC in Iqaluit, Nunavut and was in the 2014 literary journalism program at the Banff Centre.

Shelley Youngblut is the general director of Wordfest, Calgary’s International Writers & Readers Festival. She was the founding editor of the award-winning Swerve magazine and the music fanzine VOX. She has also created magazines for ESPN, Nick Jr., Cosmopolitan and the Globe and Mail, as well as three sports books for ESPN. 

2016 Achievement Awards

2016 Achievement in Publishing - Anders Knudsen


Anders Knudsen has influenced the provincial and national magazine scene for more than 20 years. He first made his mark as the original art director of Avenue magazine in Calgary, where he not only displayed his strong design skills but also mentored countless up-and-coming magazine professionals.

Anders' generosity is exemplified by openly sharing his skills and experience to help foster and develop art directors and creative stars that span the country. His approach has always been one of nurturing and developing talent, and then getting out of the way, with his protégés often stepping into Anders’ role while he moved into a new area that needed his attention.

His work and character not only inspired co-workers and students in the design arena, but also the wordsmiths around him – established and emerging writers and editors. Those who know Anders applaud him for the collaborative and business acumen he possessed that allowed him to foster excellence from his colleagues.

Anders’ passion for the industry grew as he moved up the through ranks at RedPoint Media, where he was an influential senior leader and has been credited with helping the company manoeuvre and thrive in a rapidly changing and challenging environment. His ability to provide readers with fresh and compelling visual content was the result of his eagerness to embrace new technologies.

The number of times he reinvented himself over the course of his career – from designer and art direction to iPad development and overseeing a custom division - is a great example of his perseverance and willingness to adapt and learn new skills.

Over the past two decades, Anders and his team have garnered many provincial, regional and national magazine awards – evidence of his drive for creating exceptional products. His colleagues (past and present) say it’s only fitting that, after such a decorated tenure as a creative talent, Anders receives the Achievement in Publishing award to honour his outstanding and lasting contribution to the magazine industry in Alberta and Canada.

2016 Editor of the Year - Curtis Gillespie


Curtis Gillespie, co-founding editor of Eighteen Bridges, has said: “scope is often the soul of a good story.” It’s a core belief that motivated him to start publishing the bi-annual narrative journalism magazine in 2010.

A successful writer himself, Curtis is the author of five books, including the novel Crown Shyness and the memoirs Playing Through and Almost There, whichhave won or been nominated for numerous literary awards. In 2014, he won a record-tying four National Magazine Awards and has won seven in total for his writing on the arts, politics, society, travel and sports. 

His love of great writing and storytelling inspired him to provide both emerging and established writers the space to tell compelling and thought-provoking stories at a time when the arena for such content was dwindling. His own strengths as a storyteller have been credited for his exceptional editing abilities. Those who have written for him say he doesn’t edit with a heavy hand, but is committed to helping writers “understand the primary narrative thread,” that creates powerful stories.

Friends and colleagues are quick to express their admiration for his dedication to the creative community of writers and long-form journalism at a time when quick-hit news stories dominate traditional and social medias. His ability to think creatively, and his passion for a good story, coupled with his energy and generosity as a mentor for developing writers is what makes him such a worthy recipient for this reward.

2016 Volunteer of the Year - Brnesh Berhe


Brnesh Berhe is a passionate human rights advocate who saw an opportunity to raise greater awareness and initiate change with the power of storytelling. And with that, Marker magazine was born.

Brnesh has shown resilience in self-publishing an independent publication from her home in Edmonton, while juggling a full-time job and a side gig as a freelancer. She wore many hats at the magazine – editor, art director, publisher, sales associate to provide a niche outlet for writers to write and report on a range of issues, from music and the arts to racial and sexual inequality.

Those who worked with Brnesh express their gratitude for not only being given a platform to showcase underground or underreported topics, but also for the mentorship she provided. They grew as writers, photographers and illustrators under her direction, and, perhaps more importantly, learned how to strive for change from Brnesh’s leadership and dogged determination to give a voice to the voiceless.

After seven issues, Brnesh recently decided the time had come to put Marker to rest. “Marker was an absolutely eye-opening experience and showed me how much can be done when the determination and focus in there; if you see something you’re not happy with, or feel you can add an alternative perspective, be the alternative,” she says. 

2016 Magazine of the Year - Finalists

Alberta Views


Avenue Edmonton


New Trail


Achievement Judges' Bios

Terry Bullick is the publisher and editor of Apple, a health and wellness magazine produced by Alberta Health Services. She has produced a wide variety of communications projects in her career including the founding issue of AMPA's Template, two best-selling editions of Calgary's Parks and Pathways, a number of magazines titles and an array of corporate publications.

Max Fawcett is the editor-in-chief of Vancouver Magazine, the former editor of Alberta Oil and an award-winning freelance writer. He still loves Alberta.

Matthew Blackett is the publisher, creative director and one of the founders of Spacing magazine. Blackett was named Editor of the Year for 2007 by the Canadian Society of Magazine Editors and Spacing was named Canadian Small Magazine of the Year five times and Best Canadian Magazine Web Site. Under Blackett's artistic direction, the magazine has also been awarded international design awards for its layout and photography.

Kim Larson is an industry-leading art director whose 15-year career has been marked by a combination of versatility and creativity through out the province.  As the art director at Venture Publishing, she’s guided Eighteen Bridges, Alberta Venture and Alberta Oil magazines to numerous high-profile provincial and national magazine awards.

John Montgomery is the art director for Canadian Business and MoneySense magazines, as well as the contributing designer for Taddle Creek magazine. He previously worked at Toronto Life magazine. He's been nominated for several National Magazine awards—including Tablet Magazine of the Year—and won a Canadian Cover award in 2012.

Chaz Osburn is director of content for JuneWarren-Nickle’s Energy Group. He is the former national editor of Automotive News, a trade publication for the North American automotive industry based in Detroit. Before that, he worked at daily newspapers in the United States for more than 15 years in a variety of reporting, editing and management roles. He is a member of several organizations and is a past judge for the Kenneth R. Wilson Awards.

Jenn Schmidt-Rempel is the publisher and editor of Lethbridge Living magazine, and served on the AMPA board from 2009 – 2014. She was recognized as AMPA’s Volunteer of the Year in 2015. She is currently serving on the board of Magazines Canada, is President of Lethbridge’s Allied Arts Council, and a member of Economic Development Lethbridge’s Team Lethbridge.

Nikki Sheppy is board president of filling Station, Calgary’s experimental literary and arts magazine. She is a poet, scholar, editor and arts journalist, with a doctorate in English literature from the University of Calgary, and author of the award-winning poetry chapbook, Grrrrlhood: a ludic suite (Kalamalka 2014).

Terry Sellwood is a consultant and former President of Cottage Life Media Inc., past-chair of Magazines Canada and past-president of the CMC Circulation Management Association. He has received numerous awards including Outstanding Achievement from the National Magazine Awards Foundation in 2010.

Ryan Stromquist , president of the FreeFall Literary Society of Calgary, is an acclaimed writer/editor. His work can be found in a variety of literary magazines and blogs.

Chris Welner is editor of IMPACT Magazine and the recipient of AMPA’s 2012 Editor of the Year Award. A lifelong journalist and communications expert, Chris has traced a career through major newsrooms that include the Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal and Calgary Herald. He has been the editorial leader at IMPACT since 2010, a period that has seen the magazine grow from Alberta and B.C. editions to a new magazine launched in Ontario.  

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