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Magazine Membership: (Voting/Affiliate) - Click for full description

AMPA's membership committee determines whether a magazine applicant qualifies as a member. Upon acceptance, magazines are awarded either Voting or Affiliate status based on the following eligibility criteria:

1. Voting Magazine members

Voting Magazine membership is awarded to representatives of magazines, journals, and periodicals who:

Voting Magazine members have the use of all AMPA programs and services, and are eligible to stand for office, to vote at association meetings and to participate in association referenda.

Note: Membership in AMPA is awarded to individual magazines, not publishing companies. When applying for membership, applicants publishing multiple titles must apply for every title they wish to have admitted and supply copies of each for review by the membership committee. Digital magazines may be admitted to membership on a case-by-case basis. Future applicants of AMPA will not be approved on the basis of a precedent set by the acceptance of a member presently in the association.

"Publisher" means any individual, corporation, partnership, unincorporated association or trust publishing a periodical. The publisher of any qualifying periodical may become a member in respect of that periodical, and shall in every case, except where the publisher is an individual, appoint some person to act as the representative of that periodical for membership purposes. The publisher may change this representative at any time by written notice to AMPA.


Circulation (per issue)
10,000 or less
50,001 +
Circulation (per issue)
10,001 to 50,000

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2. Affiliate members

Affiliate membership is open to Alberta publications that do not qualify for all Voting Magazine eligibility criteria, including publications deemed by the AMPA membership committee to be a house organ (for example: alumni or corporate magazines), or those circulated exclusively to a club membership.

Affiliate members receive most member benefits and may participate as observers at annual general meetings.


Affiliate Magazine: $226


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Associate Membership: (Organization or Individual) - Click for full description

Associate membership is open to allied organizations, corporations and individuals who share the aims of the association: to promote, encourage, and foster the growth of Alberta magazines.

As an Associate member, you get significant discounts at professional development events; gain access to AMPA's online resource library of past presentation materials; receive a free copy of the Template how-to series for publishing; and much, much more. See Member Benefits to learn more.

Associate members may participate as observers at annual general meetings and certain other association proceedings at the discretion of the board of directors.


Associate Organization:  $275.00
Associate Individual: $55.00
Student: $25.00

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Magazine Application
  1. Applications must include six copies of the last three issues of your magazine for review by the Membership Committee (18 issues total). New publications may apply with three copies of their premiere issue. Your current media kit/rate card is also required.

    Please read and fully understand the eligibility criteria of AMPA membership, and affirm that your periodical meets all the standards.

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  3. Name of Publication*
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  4. Name of publishing company or organization*
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  5. First Name of Primary Contact*
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  6. Last Name of Primary Contact*
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  7. Job Title*
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  8. Street Address*
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  9. City*
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  10. Province*
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  11. Postal Code*
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  12. Phone Number*
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  13. Fax Number
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  14. Email*
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    Your email is required to process your membership. You will also receive our monthly e-newsletter and occasional email notifications of AMPA events, news and information about your membership benefits and services. Your contact information will remain confidential.
  15. Website
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  16. Advertising to Editorial Ratio*
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  17. Complies with editorial guidelines.*
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  18. Date of first issue*
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  19. Average print run*
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  20. # of paid subscriptions*
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  21. # of controlled or request*
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  22. One year subscription cost*
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  23. Cover Price*
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  24. Frequency of publication*
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  25. Distribution methods*

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  26. Please provide a description of your magazine(s): mandate, editorial focus and target audience. This description will be published in the AMPA catalogue and website.*
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  27. Applications must include six copies of the last three issues of your magazine for review by the Membership Committee (18 issues total). New publications may apply with three copies of their premiere issue. Your current media kit/rate card is also required.

    I will send 6 copies of the last 3 issues of my magazine to AMPA at AMPA @cSPACE King Edward, 1721 29 Ave SW, Suite 390, Calgary, Alberta, T2T 6T7

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AMPA acknowledges the financial support of the Government of Canada through the Canada Periodical Fund (CPF) of the Department of Canadian Heritage, as well as the Government of Alberta through the Alberta Multimedia Development Fund (AMDF) towards our project costs.

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